5. Kingdom Gospel Teaching Programme

The programme is meant to bring forth through the divine guidance of the Spirit of God mature kingdom citizens whose acquainted with the teachings about righteousness and the kingdom of God through them being committed disciples to continually grow in the knowledge of God’s will and being faithful witnesses of the kingdom by bearing the authentic kingdom fruits in every good work while living a life worthy of the undistorted truths of the kingdom gospel within their entrusted domains.

Available Masterclasses:
  • KGTM 1: Gain Full Understanding of Kingdom Principles Masterclass
Available Bible Teaching Workshops for New Believers/Ministers:
  • KBTW 1: About Trinity from Kingdom Perspective
  • KBTW 2: Being Filled with The Knowledge of God’s Will
  • KBTW 3: Getting Acquainted with Kingdom Teaching
  • KBTW 4: Getting Acquainted with Righteousness Teaching
  • KBTW 5: Fully Obeying God Prevails Worshipping God
Available Bible Teaching Workshops for Establish Believers/Ministers:
  • KBTW 6: True Kingdom Citizens Are Led by The Holy Spirit
  • KBTW 7: By the Spirit Meeting the Righteous Requirement of the Kingdom Law
  • KBTW 8: Pleasing God by Subconscious Mind Governed by The Spirit
  • KBTW 9: Righteous Kingdom Citizens Grow in Genuine Faith
  • KBTW 10: True Kingdom Citizens Are Instruments of Righteousness

6. Motivational Speaking Programme

The aim of Luyanda with this initiative is to provide solid inspirational messages to help broken-hearted young people to believe in themselves and make good choices by allowing him who come from a previously disadvantaged background and rejected by both his parents with the opportunity to captivate the young audiences with his dynamic stories and heartfelt insights.

6.1 Youth Motivational Speaking

He seeks to enhance school and community environments and promote academic achievement by helping learners, students and young people to remove psychological and social barriers to success. For he believes that these learners need to be inspired to stay in schools and learning to say no to drugs, become leaders, and prepare for life after graduation. Over the years his initiatives have helped young people to succeed in schools, workplaces and businesses; because they were determined to improve their relationship, develop a positive attitude, become healthy, achieve financial prosperity, and have more fun in life. The programme has also helped young people in finding their inner strength and godly purpose in life while inspiring and positively influencing the lives of others within their entrusted domains. Luyanda always want to provide young people with the perspective of other young people who have overcome major adversity in their lives. For the examples they see in front of them must inspire the young people to learn from their mistakes and failures and realize that success is readily available with hard work and determination.

6.2 Online Kingdom Family Motivational Speaking

Luyanda Fatuse has initiated the online family motivational talk programme in order to reach a wider audience especially family of believers, because he seeks to be a strategic partner in the restoration and upliftment of broken, captive and lost Christian families. For he desires to see them to rise above their social barriers, difficult circumstances and trials through aspire them through his own testimony to become people of hope who purposefully live beyond their hopeless and adverse situations. He aims to create a rich family enrichment environment to improve broken family relationships and for families to develop a positive attitude of becoming healthy while achieving financial prosperity and having more fun in family life. He seeks to provide the development of socially responsible citizens by presenting Christian families with an understanding and appreciation of themselves and the ability to discern their own faults and the decisiveness to make the appropriate changes when necessary in accordance to the will of Father God.

6.3 Corporate Motivational Speaking

Luyanda Fatuse uses his professional skills and experience to inspire employees from different levels within the organisation to perform beyond set targets while encouraging them to make needed changes within their lives in order to remain productive in their given mandate. He continues to aspire leaders, managers and administrators to be useful and relevant employees known for significant influence and impact to the internal and external stakeholders of their given organisations through them seeking to working smart while continually discovering and refining their hidden gifts, talents and skills.

7. Accounting & Mathematics Tutoring Programme

Luyanda Fatuse offers an Accounting & Mathematics Tutoring Programme offer focused assistance to primary and secondary school learners as well as under-graduate commerce part-time students through helping them to prepare and pass Accounting and Mathematics at primary, secondary and tertiary level. Through this programme, he seeks to address the many factors that contribute to low pass rates in Accounting & Mathematics subjects such as learners especially part-time students who battle to manage the balance between work and family responsibilities and their studies.


Luyanda has more than 20 years’ experience in successfully tutoring learners and subjects in Accounting and Mathematics. He offers one (1) hour to a maximum of two (2) hours either individual and/or group tutoring sessions. Furthermore, Luyanda provides monthly and quarterly seminars in order to assist students and learners to attain their goals while partaking in an in-depth, interactive and practical learning experience. He offers customised half-day (3hours) or full-day (6hours) seminars developed in conjunction with his clients’ needs. In addition to these tutoring services, he also run workshops on effective study techniques, mark-scoring techniques and exam preparation techniques.

Available Tutoring Sessions:
  • Accounting Subject
  • Mathematics Subject
Available Seminars:
  • Understanding Key Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Understanding Key Mathematics Fundamental Principles
  • Understanding Key Fundamentals of Risk and Auditing Principles

Mathematics Restoration Programme

Luyanda Fatuse has initiated this programme when he finished his tertiary qualification and went back to contribute his skills to his previous primary and secondary schools. Since 2005 the programme has been extended to several public schools and it is meant to enhance academic excellence amongst undeveloped learners from previous disadvantage backgrounds through teaching them the key fundamental principles of the Mathematics discipline. Luyanda aim is to improve the academic achievement of learners through offering free but quality tutoring assistance to primary and secondary school learners who struggle in Mathematics. The programme was extended to a distinctively online learning environment through providing quality Maths tutoring programme that will help deprived learners to prepare and pass Mathematics at all levels while removing psychological and social barriers to their success.


A skills revolution has started in the country with an increase number of corporations in need of learners with Mathematics and through my after-school Maths tutoring program as a strategic partner in addressing the challenges faced by learners from previously disadvantage communities I have played an active role in grooming the required skills of learners. Over the years this programme has improved the academic achievement of learners in Mathematics through increasing their knowledge and skills, school attendance, and time devoted to schoolwork by providing additional, special, or remedial academic instruction and guidance.