Mr. Fatuse’s vision is for all groups of people within his entrusted domains to gain and possess proficiency of their leadership skills and experience through continuous practical learning and development. To achieve this, he seeks to provide his participants with the opportunity to hone their personal, spiritual and professional leadership and administrative skills through offering a series of well-developed and practical leadership/administrative training courses as well as in-depth and interactive strategic organisational management consulting services in order to enable people/leaders and organisations to efficiently perform their particular leadership tasks within their given contexts.

Strategic Leadership
Development Programme

Luyanda Fatuse aim to assist and promote the personal and professional development of leaders, managers, administrators and entrepreneurs in strategic management and leadership through a variety of training and short workshop courses. Mr. Fatuse train managers and leaders on best practice approach to strategic management and leadership and his sessions are designed to enable leaders of different organisations to apply strategic level organisational management competencies in order to lead and manage effective and sustainable families, governments, businesses, church ministries and other organisations.

1. Strategic Leadership Development Masterclass

Leadership Masterclass produces online classes with Luyanda Fatuse as an expert leadership consultant who has expertise in the field of governance, strategy and like. The masterclasses cover topics such as governance, strategy development and strategic planning applicable to all organisations (families, church ministries, governments, businesses, media, education and entertainment). The Leadership Masterclass are available through an annual subscription and it is meant to inspire participants to continue as students to pursue their personal skills development through the subject matter or particular discipline.

Available Masterclasses:
  • SLDM 1: Personal vs. Organisational Governance Masterclass
  • SLDM 2: Personal Culture vs. Organisational Culture Masterclass
Available Workshops: Establish Leaders Workshops:
  • SLW 1: Strategy Formulation
  • SLW 2: Strategy Implementation
  • SLW 3: Strategy Evaluation
  • SLW 4: Strategy Control
New/Emerging Leaders Workshops:
  • SLW 1: Business Ethics, Values & Etiquette
  • SLW 2: Teamwork and Managing Diversity
  • SLW 3: Problem Solving & Time and Stress Management
  • SLW 4: Environmental Analysis & Change Management
  • SLW 5: Interpersonal Effectiveness & Relationship Management
  • SLW 6: Written & Verbal Business Communication Skills
  • SLW 7: Leadership, Management & Delegation
  • SLW 8: Performance & Project Management

2. Kingdom Leadership Mentorship Programme

The leadership programme is initiated to empower undeveloped Christian leaders and enable them to be true agents of transformational change in their generations by gaining the full understanding how they can positively transform their entrusted organisations. Luyanda Fatuse as the key facilitator of the kingdom leadership mentorship programme is primarily focused on the development of effective leaders and organisations as well as the wellbeing of the communities they operate within. Hence, Luyanda offers 3-5 days individual and organisational kingdom leadership development workshops with the intent to enable ministers and believers as participants to incorporate the leadership training into their daily lives and entrusted organisations. Mr. Fatuse has adopt a flexible approach with the masterclasses and workshops he offers, which can be customised and adapted to each organisation specific needs be it at junior, middle and/or senior management level.

Available Masterclasses:
  • KLM 1: Get Wisdom About Kingdom Royal Governance Masterclass
  • KLM 2: Growing in Kingdom Culture Knowledge Masterclass
  • KLM 3: Get Wisdom About Kingdom Wealth Governance Masterclass
  • KLM 4: Get Wisdom About Kingdom Commission Governance Masterclass
Available Workshops for New Managers/Leaders:
  • KLW 1: Serving God’s Purpose
  • KLW 2: Leading people towards one Vision
  • KLW 3: Completing the Mission
  • KLW 4: Guarding your Good Values
Available Workshops for Establish Managers/Leaders:
  • KLW 5: Gain Understanding to Rule Over your Territorial Authority
  • KLW 6: Eagerly Desire to Accomplish the Objectives
  • KLW 7: Devise God’s Strategies
  • KLW 8: Take Risks in Faith
  • KLW 9: Keeping the Unity of the Union Team
  • KLW 10: Overseeing Diligent Working

3. Business Processes Programme

Luyanda Fatuse as a business system consultant is able to provide his clients through BSLI Business Advisory Services as a division of Barnabas Servant Leadership Institute with a variety of consulting expertise in the fields of strategic planning, business management, policy development as well as business system processes. Mr. Fatuse works with his clients to plan for sustainable business growth by identifying the issues unique to their business, developing a plan and making it happen. His services are based on a deep understanding of the stages of business growth from start-up through to maturity and diversification.

Available Management Consulting Services:
  • Business planning
  • Strategy Planning & Development
  • Business Process Engineering and Streamlining
  • Financial Modelling & Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Risk Management (Analysis & Mitigation) and Compliance Services
  • Development of KPI and Employee Performance Management systems
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Service Level Agreements and Contract Management

4. Kingdom Business System Coaching Programme

Mr. Fatuse specialize in working with small to medium-sized enterprises, mid-market businesses, entrepreneurs and kingdom organizations that drive the South African economy and societies. He has initiated this business coaching programme with the intent to empower undeveloped Christian entrepreneurs with the necessary refined personal and professional abilities to effectively and efficiently operate and administer their businesses.

Luyanda Fatuse closely works with ministers and believers who run or seek to start businesses in the marketplace and seek to take them forward to a mature level of business growth. He introduces business improvements strategies meant to strengthen effective and sustainable businesses in order to take them beyond the elementary way of doing business through focusing his clients on managing costs, improving process efficiency and competitiveness. Over the years Luyanda as a professional has provided his clients with a detailed plan for addressing costs and process efficiencies and improving business performance.