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purpose profile

Luyanda Barnabas Fatuse is a compassionate builder whose life purpose is to rebuild ruined systems operating amongst destitute groups of people within society at large. The focus on rebuilding ruined organisational systems ranges from wrecked or fragmented families, church ministries, governments, businesses, education sector to media and entertainment industry. Mr. Fatuse is a visionary and transformational leader that inspires, motivates, and uplifts all those he touches, through the use of the combination of his gift as a teacher, philanthropist, coach, motivator, mentor, entrepreneur and consultant. Mr. Fatuse is one of the trend-setters in his focus areas for he has a strong business strategy and implementation experience in the private and public sector including non-profit organisations. He is very well experienced in leading and managing individual and organisational transformation through coaching, mentoring, training and business consulting in strategic planning and leadership accompanied with policy development as well as business system processes.

His vision is to be an influential leadership mentor known as a valued strategic partner in the development and refinement of individual and organisational abilities. He has developed his mission statement to achieve the set vision through continually allow the Spirit of wisdom and understanding to fully govern his subconscious mind to provide leading-edge personal development services and products to his clientele whose determined to positively impact their assigned domains in families, church ministries, governments, businesses, education sector, media and entertainment industry. His rooted in the core values of respect, integrity, holiness, servanthood, teamwork, excellence and authenticity, because he believes when you compromise your core values you are put the sustainability of your name at risk.

Leadership Consultant

Luyanda Barnabas Fatuse is a leadership consultant and founded Barnabas Servant Leadership Institute with the aim to develop and refine the individual leadership ability of mankind accordance to their intended purpose. He continues to teach several groups of people within the private and public sector the fundamental principles of leadership with the hope that they will become ethical and influential leaders who will positively influence while making significant impact to their given societies. He is very well experienced in leadership training and mentoring with a strong focused in governance and strategic management.

Kingdom Leadership Mentor

Mr. Fatuse is a transformational leadership mentor who has established BSLI Kingdom Governance Association, a tributary of Barnabas Servant Leadership Institute with the core intent to empower undeveloped Christian leaders through a leadership mentoring programme from a biblical perspective. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board and the programme is aimed to enable these kingdom-minded leaders to be true agents of transformational change in their generations by gaining the full understanding how they can positively transform their entrusted organisations.

Business Process Consultant

Luyanda Fatuse is a business advisor who has a strong business strategy and implementation experience in policy development and business system processes both within the private and public sector especially amongst small and medium size organisations.

Kingdom Business System Coach

Mr. Fatuse is a business consultant who is very well spoken, mature, African male with more than 15 years business strategy experience. He has established BSLI Kingdom Governance Association to assist kingdom citizens to gain better understanding in business management process principles especially business systems of internal control, risk management, performance management, strategic management and financial management (accounting and auditing).

Kingdom Gospel Teacher

Luyanda Fatuse is a South African evangelist and ordained minister of the Kingdom of God who founded True Light’s House kingdom church ministry. He serves as the pastor at True Light’s House and his sermons is always often focused on addressing critical issues of leadership, relationships and personal growth within society at large. Pastor Fatuse is a sound teacher of the gospel of the kingdom and continuous to boldly proclaim the undistorted truths of the kingdom gospel while thoroughly training all those he touches in the righteousness of God.

Motivational Speaker

Luyanda Fatuse was borne into a broken family environment within a previously disadvantage community. He is a living testimony that our outward backgrounds should never define our identity to the point where it crushes the inherent abilities such as our godly gifts and talents. He is determined to intently breaking down barriers of fear within the subconscious minds of broken people that prevent them to achieve beyond their temporary limitations. Luyanda is a motivational speaker who has been using his gift of encouragement to inspire others to look beyond their psychological and social barriers by them allowing the process of developing and refining their hidden abilities into success and better future.

Accounting & Mathematics Tutor

Luyanda Barnabas Fatuse is an Accounting and Mathematics tutor and offers focused assistance to Grade 1–12 learners by helping them to prepare and pass Accounting & Mathematics at primary and secondary schooling level. Over the years he has positively address with success the many factors that contribute to low pass rates such as learners who battle to understand the key fundamental principles in these two critical subjects.